• Advanced services for industrial metrology

    • Measurement services

      Digitalization services, metrology in situ, optical measurement and three-dimensional measurement.

    • Calibration services

      Dimensional calibration, in temperature area calibration and integrated management of calibration.

    • Reverse engineering

      Reverse engineering can reduce design times, machining and commissioning of up to 50%.

    • Consulting services

      We help you to assess and acquire new equipment, to identify specific needs and to solve problems,

    • 3D printing

      We provide 3D Printing services to help you to reduce the time and cost of your prototyping processes.

  • ENAC certification


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Featured Products and services

  • Measurement services

    colormapping servicios de medicion

    Unimetrik provides advanced, high quality measurement services to meet your needs. We provide On-site Measurement services at your premises and In-house Measurement services from our own installations, which are fully climatised and equipped with the latest technologies.

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  • Artifacts

    tetraedro contacto

    UNIMETRIK manufactures 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional ball artifacts up to 1.5m corner to corner spacing. Our specialties include tetrahedrons and cubes with which extremely fast interim checks of CMMs can be performed. A check in less than 10 minutes is possible (mounting, aligning, measuring and evaluating).

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  • Tetracheck

    tetracheck sistema de verificación

    Tetracheck is the most effective and innovative verification system for your coordinate measurement machine. In just 5 minutes you can verify your working volume and learn about your machine errors. Now it is possible to lower your maintenance costs and improve the quality of your operations.

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