We are a specialized manufacturer of large reference artifacts made of carbon fiber composite material. The most typical are ball bars of 1.5m to 5.0m in length.

These ball bars are just a few of the commercially available artifacts that verify large CMMs (see standards for CMM performance evaluation: VDI 2617/2.3; new draft of ISO 10360/2).

UNIMETRIK also manufactures 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional ball artifacts up to 1.5m corner to corner spacing. Our specialties include tetrahedrons and cubes with which extremely fast interim checks of CMMs can be performed. A check in less than 10 minutes is possible (mounting, aligning, measuring and evaluating).

  • tetraedro artefactos

  • Barra de bolas artefactos

  • cubo artefacto

  • placa artefacto


  1. Extremely high durability due to a design which makes full use of the properties of carbon fibers.
  2. Exceptionally small thermal expansion coefficient which results in low waiting times to reach thermal equilibrium each time the object is shifted on the CMM.
  3. Excellent calibration accuracy, as the bars are made of one piece. The effective accuracy in a workshop environment is equal or better than that of a laser interferometer.

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