Laser Interferometer

Pro Laser is one of the most advanced laser interferometers available on the market with unprecedented measurement precision and resolution. Very easy to use, can be used both in research laboratories and in machines geometry measurements .

  • Pro Laser

  • Pro Laser


  1. Native resolution of 100 pm (higher on demand) obtainable at all speeds.
  2. Measurements of vibration up to 100 kHz Dynamic measurements up to 100 000 samples per second
  3. Max measurable velocity up to +/- 7m/s
  4. Rapid estimation of machine geometry with 3D subsystem
  5. Integrated environment compensation unit with wireless sensors
  6. Wireless connection to a PC
  7. Communication protocol and drivers available for the user
  8. Compact construction and portability in a small and sturdy case
  9. Wide range of available optical components
  10. User configurable inputs/outputs
  11. Integrated system for measuring position of laser head in space
  12. Integrated system for measuring position of laser beam
  13. Integration with an external electronic spirit level

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