The BarCheck system has been developed by experts in order to facilitate the verification of coordinate measuring machines and tool machines. BarCheck is comprised of intuitive software, carbon fibre high-moduled standards and high-accuracy ceramic balls.

BarCheck analyses the longitudinal errors of the machine which have been verified with standards and makes a complete report that includes the calculation of the machine’s errors and the uncertainty that has to do with the verification. Both the procedure and the results are based on the ISO 10360-2 norm. Thanks to this method, UNIMETRIK can calibrate your machine, authorized by ENAC, without strain and with the maximum information.

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BarCheck is the optimum method to verify Coordinate Measuring Machines.

BarCheck is an easy-to-run system, in such a way that a user with basic metrological knowledge can effortlessly analyse a machine’s errors. Errors can also be resolved by the software to correct errors and improve the machine’s features. Major companies in the machine manufacturing industry use these systems in order to study the accuracy of the implemented machines.

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