CubeCheck has been developed by metrology specialists in order to make machine checking a much easier process.

CubeCheck analyzes, from measurements of a cube, the 18 primary errors of geometry of machines: the 3 errors of position (xtx, yty, ztz), the 3 squareness errors (ywx, zwx, zwy), the 3 roll errors (xrx, yry, zrz), the 3 yaw errors and 3 pitch errors as well as the column tilt xrxz(z). In case the cube is measured in more than 1 position, straightness errors are evaluated as well.

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CubeCheck requires a cube with 8-spheres and the center coordinates must be calibrated. CubeCheck allows the user to check coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with axis lengths of up to several meters (cubes up to 1.5 m are commercially available). CubeCheck is easy and intuitive to handle.

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