Tetracheck is the most effective and innovative verification system for your coordinate measurement machine. In just 5 minutes you can verify your working volume and learn about your machine errors. Now it is possible to lower your maintenance costs and improve the quality of your operations.
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Software Tetracheck:

Our Tetracheck software package provides users with easy access to information on the current status of three-dimensional measurement machines. We provide an intuitive and easy-to-use application and user interface that is designed to enable even unqualified personnel to perform daily status checks in three basic steps:

  1. Measurement of 6 distances
  2. Automatic calculation of errors
  3. Report generation

Tetracheck Benefits:

  1. Real time verification on 3D master
  2. Historical error graph
  3. Complete report

Tetracheck Systems

Tetracheck systems provide best-in-class solutions that enable you to:

  1. Monitor the long-term behaviour of your machines
  2. Analyse incidents in your measurement environment
  3. Assess the capabilities of your measurement machines
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Innovalia Metrology’s tetrahedron 3D pattern is ENAC- certified and uses ceramic spheres and carbon fibre rods to ensure low thermal expansion and high structural rigidity. Our tetrahedron is compatible for use with any CNC machines and any measurement software, enabling any measurement machine to be controlled by a single computer.

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