Advanced Services for Industrial Metrology

    • Measurement services

      Unimetrik provides advanced, high quality measurement services to meet your needs. We provide On-site Measurement services at your premises and In-house Measurement services from our own installations, which are fully climatised and equipped with the latest technologies.

    • Calibration services

      With ENAC accreditation in the areas of dimension, time and temperature, Unimetrik has the expertise and experience to calibrate all of your measurement equipment. We generate and produce calibration standards and specially calibrated equipment.

    • Reverse engineering

      Reverse engineering is a process by which we are able to obtain a virtual piece  from a physical piece. Reverse engineering can reduce design times, machining and commissioning of up to 50%.

    • 3D printing

      We provide 3D Printing services to help you to reduce the time and cost of your prototyping processes. Our services enable you to modify the digital model and to print in 3D until the correct result is achieved, prior to initiating full-scale production.

    • Consulting services

      We use our extensive knowledge and experience to work with you as a strategic partner to help you to assess and acquire new equipment, to identify specific needs and to solve problems, to configure your production plant, equipment and human resources, and to develop and implement new strategies for greater productivity.

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