Calibration Services

Integrated Management of Calibration

Since 1997, several companies have benefited from a complete unconcern of the calibration of their verification equipment

Unimetrik is a pioneer in offering its customers Integral Calibration Management

Main calibration services:

  • Dimensional calibration

    Unimetrik is authorized by ENAC (115/LC10.082) for the dimensional calibration of several types of machines, standards, elements and tools.

  • In temperature area calibration

    Unimetrik is authorized by ENAC (115/LC10.082) for several calibrations in temperature area. We offer our customers the calibration of their temperature equipment and, if necessary, our engineers go to your company to carry out thermic tests on your equipment.

    • “In situ” ENAC calibration of temperature measurement systems and calibration of the uniformity of temperature in working volumes.
    • ENAC Calibration of thermometers, thermocouples and PRT’s (platinum resistance thermometers).


  • Integrated management of calibration

    UNIMETRIK has a range of technologically advanced services with the sole mission of finding the best service to our customers.

    Regarding calibrations, you already know it is necessary to take into account a significant amount of associated information such as:

    • Calibration Procedures
    • Calibration Procedures
    • Management Inventory and Reports Software
    • Analysis of Traceability and Uncertainties
    • Calibration Dates
    • Acceptance Criteria
    • Record Maintenance
    • Technical Support to Audit (ISO, …)
    • Digital “on-line” Calibration Reports

    Unimetrik is the first company to provide comprehensive management of the calibration of all your equipment, by means of coordinating and managing all the above information in a single management platform called METRINET.

    With Metrinet you will have, at all times, the necessary information for perfect monitoring of all the verifications and controls at your company. You have the information, and METRINET efficiently manages all the information you need quickly and safely.

    Metrinet: Software assistant for online calibration management.

    Metrinet is a calibration management tool that contains all the information required to keep perfect control of all your company’s checking and control equipment at all times. You have all the information and Metrinet handles calibration effectively and securely.

    Via the Internet connection of your computer you can access this application and obtain up-to-date information on your equipment drawn up entirely in JAVA, so it can be imported into any platform.

    The product is completely secure thanks to its password-protected access for queries and modifications, so the confidentiality of your data is assured.


    • Flexible, easy communication with service providers
    • Online display of equipment status
    • Availability of all the information needed to manage calibration
    • Direct communication for updating data files
    • Possibility of adding more items to the database
    • Data lists with multiple configurable parameters
    • A flexible tool capable of communicating calibration data from other laboratories
    • Any-place, 24-hour connectability provided that Internet access is available

    • Equipment characteristics (name, calibration procedure & date, uncertainty level, etc.)
    • List of equipment (inventory, selection based on configurable parameters, etc.)
    • Modification of database
    • Log equipment on and off

  • Others

    Unimetrik carries out the calibration of almost all your company’s equipment. In this way, our customers trust us because they know we can solve all the calibration problems they may have.

    • TORQUE (dynamometric keys,…) ENAC (115/LC 10.082)
    • ENAC
    • DUROMETRY (durometers,…) *
    • MASS (Scales, weights, dynamometers,…) *
    • ELECTRICITY (Miliohmeters, indicators,…) *
    • PRESSURE (manometers, vacuummeters…) *
    • ENVIRONMENT (pH-measurers,…) * In order to help your company to get easily the ISO 14000 of Environment Management

    *The marked activities with asterisk are out of reach of ENAC accreditation


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