Measurement Services

Verification Systems for Parts and Tools

Unimetrik provides different measurement services and precision systems for verification of parts and tooling

Quality requirements determine the traceability of the manufactured parts characteristics. UNIMETRIK has the most accurate verification systems for parts and tools in its exemplary facilities, which are air-conditioned at 20º ± 0,2ºC. These fabulous facilities are equipped with advanced software that enables UNIMETRIK to:Geometrical measurement, comparison with CAD file measurement (IGS, VDA, CATIA, …), digitalize surfaces, completely automatic measurements with machines with CNC controls that allow series measurement in minimum time.

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Main measurement services:

  • Digitalization

    The digital company we direct towards needs accurate systems that transform physical parts in mathematic models. UNIMETRIK has digitalization systems that create digital models out of parts.

    Thanks to the Optiscan system and to the suitable software , we offer our customers the following services:

    • Reverse engineering
    • Systems digitalization
    • Digital modification of dies
    • Spare parts
    • Parts transformation into CAD models

    Reverse engineering is becoming increasingly the most common way to reduce design processes and to distinguish companies from their competitors. The MOVILSCAN system allows UNIMETRIK to go to your company to carry out a digitalization.

  • Metrology in situ

    In order to help our customers, Unimetrik has the necessary experience and the most up-to-date portable measurement systems:

    • Laser measurement systems (LASER TRACKER)
    • Portable measurement arms
    • Digitalization mobile system (MOVILSCAN)


  • Optical measurement

    In order to verify many components, a non-contact measurement is needed because it can help us with the special characteristics (deformable materials, access difficulties, tiny elements,…).

    Unimetrik has the highest knowledge of non-contact measurement systems in metrology and has lead development projects with the leading international manufacturers of these systems:

    • Optiscan system with laser triangulation
    • High-accuracy multisensor machine
  • Three-dimensional measurement

    Unimetrik has the following measurement systems:


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